Longkou Dayang Food  Co.,Ltd. was established in 1993 and now has developed to be one of well famous aquatic products processor .We own 16 processing workshops, have been registered with U.S. FDA and EEC.There are 2000 works and staffs in our company with the annual capacity of forty thousand tons of fish products being available.
Main products:
1.Fish pet food (Dried fish skin circle、Dried fish skin square、Dried minced fish biscuit)
2.Dried fish products   (Dried Squid sliver、Dried squid rings、Dried octopus pieces、Dried eel fish fillet、 Dried needle fish fillet、Dried sole fish、Dried Yellow Stripe Travelly)
3.Frozen fish products  (I.Q.F pacific and atlantic cod fillet、Tuna products、Orange roughy fillet、I.Q.F red fish fillet、Mackerel fillet、I.Q.F pollock fillet、Yellow fin sole fillet、Herring roe)
4.Plastic bags (Any sanitary food package with common material of BOPP/CCP、Sanitary food package with special material of OPA/PE for vacuum packing)
5.Fish skin for gelatine  (Frozen tilapia skin、Frozen cod skin、Frozen pollock skin、Frozen tuna skin)
For export to:Russia,Lithuania、the United States、European countries、Israel and Japan.
We believe in "Quality and Reputation is life of enterprises" as the principle,so that we are still developing and investing in technical innovation and facilities renewed to gugrantee the quality of our products.
We sincerely hope to establish long-termˇ˘friendly and stable business relationship with overseas customers on basis of equality and mutual benefits.
Let's develop jointly together in the intermational fisheries and pet food market!